Superior Service & Support is Our Pledge

Have a question about your Business VOIP account? Need how-to tips? Our comprehensive knowledge-based support site is available 24/7.

The Synogen Network Operations Center runs 24/7/365, managing our vast and diverse high-quality voice and data networks and connecting billions of calls each year. With multi-level fail-safes and powerful cloud backup, we maximize uptime and minimize call drops, data loss, and static. In fact, when you’re a customer using our SD-WAN solution, we often fix issues before you know they occur.


VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is phone service technology that connects via IP networks (Internet) as opposed to phone lines. VoIP with cloud hosting, allows businesses of all sizes access to not just calling solutions but mobile access and other services that often come at a lower cost than a traditional phone line. VoIP solutions allow for simple scalability and come packed with the ability to utilize dozens of features that can help your business grow that you couldn’t get with a “traditional” phone company.
Cloud services and computing provide on-demand access to computer system resources. Businesses can utilize whatever method they prefer (Desk Phone, Mobile, Web Applications to access phone services and other features. With cloud services provided by Synogen Solutions, your companies communication solutions are infinitely scalable.
Extensions allow you to have multiple users connected to your company phone number. This allows your team to grow and different departments to have easier access to the communication tools they need.
With Synogen Voice you have access to not only desktop phone support, by forwarding to mobile devices. So in the event of a power outage or the internet going out in your building you can keep on communicating with your clients or customers through your mobile device network.